You Brought Me into this World, and You Can Take Me Out

You Brought Me into this World, and You Can Take Me Out


You have given me so much. You gave me a family, a home, but most importantly, a life. And if you want, you can take it all back.

I am forever indebted to you, for everything from buying me clothes, to teaching me language, to providing me the love and support necessary to blossom and grow into the young adult I am today. Mom, you made me the man I am. And if it was your will, you could destroy me in an instant.

You birthed me, and thus you can kill me. You created life through me, and you could end me completely. You’re responsible for everything I know, and you can send me into eternal nothingness. You have that power. You always have.

My sense of self—my me—is the result of decisions you made long ago. You own it, because you created it, and thus you can destroy it. If you were to change your mind, you could wipe out my very existence. It is your right. It is your choice.

Mother, I owe my very consciousness to you. I yield myself to you, O giver of life, O taker of life.


Jared Finkle