Unarmed Black Teen Shoots Police Officer

Unarmed Black Teen Shoots Police Officer

“We’re deeply saddened by this tragic and confusing loss,” said Sgt. Don Proctor, chief officer of the Malibu police department, in a press conference Monday morning.

Saturday night at approximately 11:45 p.m., Maurice Delaney, a nineteen-year-old African American carrying a wallet, an iPhone 5, and a half-finished pack of Trident Layers quietly followed Matthew Sullins, an on-duty white police officer, out of a Malibu Chevron.

Delaney stopped Officer Sullins in a routine inquiry for directions to the nearest open Wendy’s. According to conflicting eyewitness testimony, there was a minor scuffle between the two. Eventually, Sullins panicked and began to run.

Based on eyewitness accounts and the gas station’s horribly low-resolution security footage, Delaney pointed his index finger and raised thumb at Sullins as the officer tried to flee.

“Hey! You! Stop!” Delaney reportedly yelled, as Sullins fumbled with the keys to his squad car. Some say Sullins did stop, and began to raise his hands. After a few seconds, Delaney fired.

“He yelled ‘Bang, bang, bang,’ probably around fifteen times,” said Sandra Page, a witness who was filling her Range Rover with gas at the time of the incident. “It was awful. The black boy made it sound realistic, too.”

After his first clip emptied, Delaney let it fall to the ground and slammed another one into place from his belt, Matrix-style. “Whoosh… Blam-o!” he added, and then fired on Sullins again. “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Malibu police department was quick to release the Chevron’s security footage. The following events can be observed if you squint really hard:

  • Sullins, collapsed against his squad car, sliding to the ground, smearing blood down the windshield and door.
  • Sullins, sitting, slumped over, looking at the blood on his hands quizzically, apparently in disbelief.
  • Delaney, blowing smoke from his rigid index finger, sauntering his way to the officer, coming to a stop.
  • Sullins, now in Delaney’s shadow, looking up at the teenager, uttering, “Please… no… please.”
  • “Blam-o.”

At press time, investigators are struggling to charge Delaney, a regular kid with no gun, with a crime.