#Resist: I Have Not Had Sex Since Trump Was Elected

#Resist: I Have Not Had Sex Since Trump Was Elected

Donald Trump, you have made me an activist.

In the almost three months since Trump was elected President, I’ve marched in the streets, I’ve called my representatives, and I’ve completely abstained from sex. Now is the time for action, even if that means not getting any action.

Donald Trump’s proposals amount to a calculated attack on women’s rights, which is why I’ve teamed up with all the women on earth to protest by not having sex with me. Sometimes standing up for what you believe in requires sacrifice.

People have shown their dissatisfaction in many ways, whether it be through writing blog posts, making signs, or donating to anti-Trump causes. I have chosen to literally not be satisfied until this administration respects women, respects minorities, and respects the law. It’s my choice, and I’m sticking by it. By choice.

Donald Trump has promised to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal the ACA, meaning that thousands of women will lose access to affordable contraceptives. What better way to protest than to not have sex? Spread the word. Make sure that people know the reason why I’m not having sex is because of protest.

If I’m not going to fuck, fuck Donald Trump.

I won’t come until we all come together.

Only masturbation until we fix the nation.

I won’t lay any pipe until new pipes are laid in Flint, Michigan.

I won’t engage in sexual congress until our Congress defends American liberties.

I won’t Netflix and Chill unless it’s to watch documentaries about the immigrant experience in America.

I won’t fool around until we as a country stop fooling around.

I won’t bruise the meat curtains, give a hot beef injection, or do squat thrusts in the cucumber patch until we have clean and locally sourced food in America.

I won’t orgasm until Trump resigns.

I’m proud to be part of the movement resisting President Trump, and I’m ready to keep resisting however long it takes. I will resist as long as necessary. I will resist indefinitely. Every day, every night, resisting. Resisting so hard. Because when the day comes that we no longer have to resist, we will remember each day that we resisted, and it will be that much more powerful because of it.

These three months without sex haven’t been easy, but it’s rewarding to know that it’s all for a good cause. Unlike the three months before that. Those were just shitty.