Heartwarming: Trump Doing His Part to Raise Holocaust Awareness

Heartwarming: Trump Doing His Part to Raise Holocaust Awareness

On Friday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Trump signed an executive order designed to get people talking about the Holocaust. In a beautiful gesture to the Jewish community, Trump ensured with his new decree that the Holocaust would be a major topic of discussion in households, on the news, and in rapidly mobilizing civil rights groups.

Trump’s executive order, which bans refugees from several muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next four months, distinctly recalls how the world’s nations turned their back on Jews seeking asylum from Nazi Germany. It’s touching to see our President taking such measures to remember the Holocaust.

“The Holocaust was so terrible,” Trump said on Friday. “So sad. I love the Jews. We should remember what happened. People will remember. I will make people remember.” More like Educator in Chief.

In a time when many people still deny that the Holocaust ever happened, it’s so great to see America vividly depicting the early stages of it for the whole world to see. This was real. This happened. The world, less than a century ago, turned a blind eye to the suffering of the Jewish people, and as a result over six million were slaughtered. It is truly inspirational to see Trump showing people in great detail how this could have happened.

Good on you, Donald. Never forget.