Heartwarming: Trump Doing His Part to Raise Holocaust Awareness

On Friday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Trump signed an executive order designed to get people talking about the Holocaust. In a beautiful gesture to the Jewish community, Trump ensured with his new decree that the Holocaust would be a major topic of discussion in households, on the news, and in rapidly mobilizing civil rights groups.

Scientists Invent First Robot That Doesn’t Want to Fuck

On Sunday, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they had created a humanoid automaton that has no desire for procreation. If confirmed by the scientific community, this invention would represent a major breakthrough in robotics, a field which has, to this point, only created robots who really want to fuck.

BDS Movement Leaves Some in Bind

With the recent resurgence of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement—an attempt to pressure Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian land—many people caught in the middle feel that their hands have been tied.

Sanders Voters Email DNC for Extension

On Tuesday supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders sent emails to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) requesting that the deadline for the “Super Tuesday” primaries be moved back at least 24 hours, explaining that they just need a little more time.